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Throwing Off The Tracking Dogs

Getting Away and Staying Away

Recently, two convicts escaped maximum prison and eluded the police for almost three weeks. One of these convicts is now dead. An officer of the law shot the other, and that man is now back in custody facing further charges. These pages are not to aid prisoners in escaping prison. Convicted criminals are in custody as payment for wrongdoing. It is dishonorable to leave before paying one's debt in full. 

Notwithstanding, both the police and the military use the same techniques to hold people captive and to track them. So, to learn how to avoid the one is to learn how to avoid the other. This fact is inescapable. Nonetheless, people in many cultures at various times in world history have had to escape captors and or evade capture. All things considered, that time may return.

After many years of specialized warfare, the military has developed specific techniques for escaping captivity and evading capture. However, there are no foolproof methods. Escape and evasion is part science and part art, and the more knowledgeable and creative the runner, the more likely he can succeed.

Escape and evasion takes work, sacrifice, and patience. Sometimes it demands running like the wind. Sometimes it demands sitting or laying in one place still and quiet for hours or days. It always robs one of sleep and good things to eat. If one’s desire is three hots and a cot, then he should flag down his pursuer and march himself into captivity. If one’s desire is freedom from captivity, then one must do whatever is necessary to get away and stay away. 

Throwing Off The Dogs

How tracking dogs work, and how to throw them off your trail. 

How-To by Richard Speights
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