Herr Speights Ventures, LLC                     A Montana Creative Company
Nonfiction - Fiction - Audio Books - Fine Art Photography 
Company Profile and Mission Statements

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Herr Speights Ventures, LLC is a Montana creative company, producing works of fiction, nonfiction, audio books, and the like.

Herr Speights Ventures is the Production house for the fine art nature photography of Richard Speights.

Look for by Patricia Ann Herren on , Barnesandnoble.com, and Createspace.com.

Books In The Works

The Day The Elephants
Forgot Themselves
Children's Story
by Sir Pipkin Longshanks

Where a Wild Wind Blows
Short Stories
by Richard Speights

Twelve Years a Slave
- Clarified -
by Richard Speights
Mission Statement
Herr Photography
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Mission Statement
Herr Fiction/Nonfiction/Audiobooks
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Mission Statement
Herr Company
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