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Chuckit! Ball Launcher and the beach, a fun combination.

The Chuckit! Ball Launcher is one of the best dog toys I’ve ever bought. It comes with a tough tennis ball sized orange ball, which withstands Schotze’s teeth ten times longer than the toughest tennis ball. The bright color makes it easier to find in tall grass (tennis balls get dirty and blend with the ground). In addition, these orange balls are heavier and smoother than tennis balls, allowing better distance. I’m certain Schotze could eventually chew up these orange balls. However, he has yet to rip one to pieces, because we keep loosing them. That’s a problem. Our solution is to buy a bag of tennis balls. As we loose a ball, or when he tears one up, we reach into the bag and grab another.

When Schotze’s tired from running, I use the Chuckit! to slam the ball against the ground. I can bounce that sucker high. This is great fun, leap and catch. Chuckit! Ball Launcher comes in five sizes: Junior Ball Launcher, Mega Ball Launcher, Pocket Ball Launcher, Regular Ball Launcher, and Ultra Ball Launcher. 

This is a fantastic fun toy for large, medium, and medium small sized dogs. Watch the excitement when he sees you bring out the

Schotze loves it; your dog will love it too. 


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