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Herr Gifts For Dad

Here's an eclectic selection of gifts for dad.  Some are humorous, some are heartfelt, some are useful, and some are just cool.  


Special Review
Sorel Snow Boots

My Sorels

 are stylish and warm. I've worn mine for several winters now. My first winter in Montana, I bought a poorly designed pair of boots, which kept my feet warm enough but did not have deep-lugged soles. I slipped and fell so many times, I can’t even remember. Once, I slipped walking up a steep hill and ran my knee into a hidden rock. I thought I had crippled myself. I slipped and fell only twice wearing my Sorel Conquests on ice no deep-lugged boot could have prevented.

 Conquests have an Achilles strap, which doesn't seem to do anything. They remind me of the straps on the Dingo boots I wore years ago as a kid, which didn’t do anything either. The Achilles strap certainly looks like it does something, so whenever someone says anything about my boots, I point down and say, “And look, they have these great straps.” 

Nonetheless, more useful by far are the built-in snow gaiters. I need boots I can sip on and off often. The problem isn't just walking through deep snow but walking through ankle-deep snow. The action of walking kicks snow up around the tops of my boots, and then I get to enjoy the icy cold trickling down to my feet. With the built in gaiters, I don’t have to put on external gaiters. The built-in gaiters keep the snow out, ankle or waist deep. No matter how deep the snow, my feet remained warm and dry. 

The only time my feet got cold was at 20 below, when I drove into Frenchtown in my old Chevy knockabout truck without a heater. Although my feet chilled down, it was bearable. 

 look good and are surefooted, warm, and convenient. I'll buy them again. 


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