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Basalt Stone Massage

Basalt Stones

Basalt forms when volcanic lava rapidly cools before large crystals form, creating dense, iron-rich rocks. These rocks hold heat longer than less dense rocks, even granite. Rapid running water in mountain streams smooth the basalt rocks and makes them perfect for massage therapy. 

Warm these stones in water to a tolerable heat, and then lay them along key places on the body, like along the spine. You can use them as part of massage therapy, the heat from the stone relaxing the muscles. After the stone massage, hand massage, and then lay the heated stones on key spots along the spine and other places on the body. 

Some people have tried to turn basalt stone massage into some kind of spiritual experience. Pantheism aside, the stones bring healing heat to the places that hurt and relax muscles. Of course, relaxation is one of the keys to healing. Try putting the smaller stones between your toes, against the soles of your feet, and holding them in the palms of your hands. When your hands and feet feel good, you feel good. 

Recently, people have developed hot stone / cold stone therapy, alternately using hot basalt stones and then cold basalt stones. Some have even substituted cold granite for cold basalt stones. 

Basalt stone massage isn’t just for woman. Basalt stone massage benefit men as well. Read up on precautions. For example, don’t apply warmed basalt stones on recent cuts, surgeries, rashes, tumors, or open sours. If you have any medical conditions, check with your doctor before using them. 


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