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Herr Headshots

Amanda Indoor Studio 1989


Photographer - Richard Speights

Many years ago, I began my photographic career shooting portraitures and school day pictures with Olan Mills. This was a great training ground, especially shooting from five to seven hundred kids a day (yeah, yikes). From that, I moved on to rock bands, headshots, and models.

Michael Caine said once on Actor’s Studio, most of acting is in the eyes. The focus of my photography is the eyes. Everything else, although important, is secondary.

This summer, 2015, I will be opening an office in Austin and setting up shop to shoot headshots for the movie industry. I look forward to working with raw talent, helping beginners learn the art and craft of studio stills. It’s not just getting someone’s good side. It’s capturing an entire story in the fraction of a second the shutter clicks.

I’d like to work with an Agency in a duel role, as voice talent and as resident photographer. I have ideas on how to reduce costs for beginning actors while giving them the experience they need for that next paying job, moving pictures or still. 

Richard Speights Self Portraits--I shot all these images but two in one or two days. Started with long gray hair, cut then darkened then finally shaved my beard.
Rich shooting Rich. No one was available to shoot my headshots, so I shot myself. The trick is: Put an UV filter on the camera lens. Then you can see yourself in its reflection. Shoot lots of images and pick the best for publication. 

I've never seen anyone produce this sort of collage. I think it provides a good overview of looks on a small budget.  
Jennifer Marie, Outdoor Studio

Jennifer Marie

Outdoor Studio 
Amanda Speights - 7 Years Old, Indoor Studio

Seven Years Old

Indoor Studio 


No Longer Seven

Indoor Studio

Richard Speights
Various Looks
Self Portraits

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