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Save money on your monthly bill through Refer A Friend.
Are you considering subscribing to DirecTV or HughesNet? Read our reviews first, the pros and cons of each.. Then, if you decide you want one or both of these services, save money through us with their Refer A Friend programs.  
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Gift ideas for all.    
Don't Miss The Downhill Fun This Winter
Skis, Poles, Bindings, Clothing, and More

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Herr Review of Music, classical, pop, and much more.
Music review, what's new, what old and forgotten, and what's just good listening.  

Movie review, what's worth watching, old and new. 
Ray Ban Sunglasses
I wear Ray Ban, man.

Review of Ray Bans and other sunglasses.  
Amazon, the online store with just about everything
Read about our experience with Amazon as customers and as publishers through CreateSpace, a division of Amazon.
Which camera is right for you? It often depends upon what you plan to do.
Review of camera bodies by Richard Speights. 
Which lenses will work for you.
Review of camera lenses by Richard Speights.  
A look at the equipment that help you take the pictures.
Review of camera bags, tripods, and other equipment by Richard Speights.  
Miscellaneous Photo Accessories, software, hardware, etc.
Review of Adobe Photoshop and other photography accessories by Richard Speights.  
Laptops, phones, Point-And-Shoot Cameras, and More
Review of consumer electronics, laptops, computers, Kindle, Ipads, and more. 
Review of works of fiction, nonfiction, and audio books.
Review of books, fiction, nonfiction, children's books., and more.  
Pots, Pans, Blenders, and More.
Reviews of manufactures and ideas to equip your kitchen.  

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