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Burnt Pancakes and Crummy Biscuits is a cookbook of good food and good humor, written by a good cook in loving memory of her mama who wasn’t. 

today through:
 Barnesandnoble.com and Createspace.com
(50¢ of each book sold goes to Montana Food Banks)

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here A Wild Wind Blows: 
Short Stories by Richard Speights.

The waves,
They raise a frothy rage
And the head-sea bow plows deep
The sea,
She's mad for days and days
At me as I go, where a wild wind blows

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weleve Years A Slave: A Naration of Solomon Northup
Edited by Richard Speights

First published in 1854, Twelve Years A Slave: The Narration of Solomon Northup is a disturbing description of slavery in the Southern States. However, the writer and editors of this book, trying to emulate the lyrical writing style of the time, twisted the grammar into a most difficult prose. Twelve Years A Slave – Clarified – untangles the grammar and trims words, dead at first publication, producing a readable version of Solomon’s fantastic tale. 

Click the book cover to read the excerpt. 

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