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Schotze Vom Speights, der Bär Hund

Schotze at Squaw Peak, Montana

Schotze is a show-quality, working German shepherd. I trained him from a puppy to accompany me in the mountains for security while I photograph the wild places. He currently has twelve bear encounters, six during the day when I could see the bears, and six at night when I simply heard them crashing through the underbrush to escape der wunderhund. 

   Ordinarily, it is not good to allow a dog to lead. However, with a dog like Schotze, he can and must take the lead on trail to scout for potential problems without assuming superiority while we wonder the mountains. Bear, elk, and moose are not dangerous at a distance. Nonetheless, accidental encounters have the potential to provoke aggressive responses, and busting brush is the best way to unintentionally run into trouble. Schotze clears all paths and thickets.  As long as he is with me, I’m okay. 
Schotze, Squaw Peak in background
West German Bloodlines (Sire and Dam) 
Five Years Old 
Hips (OFA) Good
Elbows (OFA) Excellent 
Athletic, Strong, Intelligent, Loyal, and Brave 
Sire: Sam Vom Vollkommen 
Dam: Hanni Vom Doppel-Dehaus 
Grandsire: VA 4 USA
Ham von der Urbecke - 

Show-Quality Conformation

Beautiful Markings and Color
Responds to Verbal and Hand Signals
Excellent Personality
High Endurance
Protective and Territorial
Powerful Bite
Riot-Stopping Bark
Excellent Health
Brucella Titer Negative Sep 2010
See His Pedigree On Pedigreedatabase.com
Scnotze, Nine Mile Creek
We are dedicated to improving the German shepherd bloodline, breeding for the classic features and qualities in looks, deposition, dedication, and abilities. We are also dedicated to breeding for high standard hips and elbows. 

In 2013, we will be looking to acquire a breeding black and red female with classic features and not less than excellent hips and good elbows (OFA). 
Abo, New Mexico, Mission Ruins
Schotze is available for stud: $750.00 

Fill out form below for details. 
Check "Location Calendar" to see where he is at at the moment and where he'll be in the near future. 
Thrives in snow

My poor, poor, Scotze
Come on already; available for stud service!

A short story
inspired by Schotze

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(German) der Bär Hund -(der bare who-und)  (English) The Bear Dog
Schotze Vom Speights (shot-ze vom shhh-pie-ts)



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