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Herr Snow Goggles

Always Protect Your Eyes

Snow/Ski/Snowmobile Goggles

I usually wear my Ray Ban sunglasses when I ski. But then again, I’m not a mogul jumping, fresh powder busting skier. I rather enjoy my nice calm ride up the mountain on the ski lift, and I like to match it with an equally tranquil downhill slide. For everybody else, a good pair of snow goggles are almost essential—and they look good too.

Goggles keep the elements out of your eyes to felicitate vision by sealing the air between the face and the lens. This also traps heat and moisture, which causes foggy lenses. Snow goggles utilize a couple of methods to prevent this fog: double pained lenses and venting (Some high-end goggles have little fans to help vent the moist air.). You can use an anti-fog solution to keep a single pain lens fog-free.

Most goggles on the market today have UV protection. This is important. Snow (and white sand) reflect UV rays, intensifying its harmful effect on the eyes. On bright sunny days, a darker lens is preferable. On bright cloudy days, a lens that increases contrast is preferred. At night, you of course need a clear lens.

Here’s an important consideration. If you ski infrequently, a cheaper lens might be all you need. If you ski from the first descent snow to the last sludge run of the season, buy quality and take care of your equipment.

A pair of goggles affording a wide peripheral vision increases the field of vision. This is useful for skiers and would seem more important for snowboarders, who are turned sideways to the downhill. 

(Never wipe the lens. Dab it dry. / Never wear your goggle over your ski cap; it will trap moisture and fog. / Never catch a ski lift without checking if it is destined for a double black diamond so you’ve got to come down the mountain in some crazy slow zigzag, scared out of your mind because the slope is so steep—this has nothing to do with goggles. I just thought I would throw it in there. )

Make sure your goggles fit well so they seal, and always take care of the lens to keep them from scratching. Don’t just toss them on the dash or lay them lens down on the table. Store them in a soft container. 
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