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R/C Indoor Helicopters

Indoor Rotor Wing Flyer

Living Room Flyers

When radio control helicopters were first introduced to the public, they were difficult to learn to fly. Helicopters by their nature are aeronautically unstable. The spinning blades produce a gyroscopic effect. Consider the toy gyro. It never spins upright but wants to lay at an angle to the ground about 45-degree angle. So flying a helicopter upright is like keeping a gyro or top balanced on your fingertip upright. Gyrostabilizers have changed the nature of R/C flight, both for fixed wing and rotor.

Although indoor Helicopters are just toys, they use ingenious technology to produce stable flight. All spinning propellers create torque. Pilots learning to fly WWII fighters like Thunderbolts and Mustangs had to learn how to deal with the torque produced by 2000 horsepower engines and massive propellers, especially at take off under full power. Helicopter blades produce torch too. If not for the tail rotor, the helicopter body would spin under the rotors in an opposite direction at very near the same speed, rendering the aircraft un-flight worthy. Like tail rotors, counter rotating rotors cancel the torque. The Chinook is a good example of counter rotating rotors. The counter rotating rotors on these toy helicopters is one of the best techniques to counter the rotor torque. They work very well for these indoor flying toys, but they are difficult to produce and maintain for full sized helicopters. The design and function of the tail rotor is simply 

Finally, now that cameras have become small enough, we can have our own personal little surveillance aircraft. What fun is that?

Although indoor flyers are very stable, it does take a bit of practice to become proficient. These little flyers can zip around, and the living room is not a lot of space for high-speed acrobatics. It’s great fun, though, to fly with control, maneuvering the little bird through many nature obstacles in the house. Designed for indoor flight, you can fly these helicopters outside on a calm day. They wouldn't handle too much wind, though. 


Military R/C Helicopters
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