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Innocence: An Argument for Jodi Arias - Photo Page


Blood Spray Splatter, upper left/center of image, is produced by a cough or blowing blood out of the nose. 

Prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Dr. Kevin Horn, the medical examiner, if a person’s lung had been punctured would that person cough up blood. The doctor agreed. I agree. However, Dr. Horn continued to say Alexander’s body was too decomposed to determine if the lung had been punctured or not.

This makes no sense. His report shows he examined the lungs, removed, and weighed them. Lungs are covered with a membrane. Although the internals of the lungs were suffering autolyzation, the membranes surrounding the lungs would not decompose to a point where a medical examiner could not tell if the lung had been punctured or not.

If the lung had been punctured, Dr. Horn could have easily seen the wound. The blood coughed into the bathroom sink and countertop came from the bleeding sinus cavities and or nasal passages. 

Another View, the spray splatter continues slightly up the wall.

Blood spray splatter up the wall under mirror.

One small stab and one incised stab (these are both shallow wounds) 
The majority of Alexander's wounds are about this shallow. The only two deadly wounds were the one to the chest and the severed throat.

Small incision on back of thumb of left hand (between knuckles) and one deep incision in the fleshy part of hand. This shows she cut his hand as he held her cloths. 

Right thumb cut, pad of thumb, cuticle, and thumbnail. She stabbed upward with her left hand to make him let go of her cloths, creating the incision. The thumb sticks out away from fist while a hand is gripped on someone's clothing.

Incision in webbing of hand, between thumb and index finger. After cutting the top of his hand to make him let go, Alexander tries to grab the knife. A smaller incision on the palm near the index finger shows he tried to grab the knife twice.

Blood dried in nostrils is the result of blood flow from gunshot wound to head that damaged sinus cavities. 

Blood flow from nose is evident in this image. Cut throats do not produce excessive amounts of blood through the nose. 

A decomposing body will purge body fluids, which is usually bloody. The blood under Alexander’s nose is not due to purging. His head is lying sideways, and purging would have traveled down over his right cheek, not down to his mouth.

The blood under Alexander’s nose is evidence of excessive bleeding from his nose while he was alive and upright. 

Schematics show walk-in closet is designed for a dressing chair, top of image on right, white oblong shape in orange. 

Knife held in slash and cut style. Fighter can punch with fist or swing at opponent like a punch and cut with the knife, reverse the swing and stab on the return. After pulling the knife from his chest, this would have been the knife's position in Arias' hand. 

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