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It’s time to separate the Innocence pages from the Herr Speights Ventures site. Too many people are mixing the two together, even recently reporting, “A man writing under the pen name of Herr Speights.” That’s not good for the writer or the business.

I’m reevaluating how to approach this whole thing. First off, I am not and have never been a “Jodi Arias supporter.” I do not know this woman and have no connection with her or feelings for her. Notwithstanding, my sworn duty as an American is to the Constitution.

This country is in constitutional crises, more so today than when Nixon pulled his shenanigans. Every day we lose a little more of our freedom as authority runs over individual and states rights to facilitate laws meant to perpetuate politically correct idealism over laws supporting justice for the innocent.

It is this sort of thinking that had allowed the circus called the Jodi Arias trail. It is one thing to try a person for a crime. It’s another to tip the scales of justice in favor of the prosecution to ensure conviction simply because everybody believes the accused guilty. This is the epitome of unconstitutional behavior.

Separating these opinions from the business pages will allow for a clearer field to fight the lunatics who insist on wreaking havoc against the Constitution while also casting aspersions upon my name. There are some crazy people in the world, people bent on destroying the holder of an opinion, with whom they disagree. It’s not fair to my business to suffer their insanity.

Welcome to our brave new world, where right is wrong and wrong becomes the law of the land and the custom of the people. 

Richard Speights
Writer / Photographer / Observer


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