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Herr Review of Jackie Evancho

Jackie E

This little girl stepped out onto the America’s Got Talent stage and dropped everybody’s jaws with a vocalization normally reserved for a mature vocal stylist with a lifetime of training.  In the end, she stole the show and won the competition.  (I know she came in second; but honestly, I can’t even remember the other guy’s name, so that makes Jackie E the winner.) 

   Within two years of the competition, she has delivered seven music  CDs of beauty, maturity, and depth.  This young lady isn’t a novelty act.  True, it is totally novel for a pre-pubescent child to sing with the melodic tones of opera singers twice, no, three times her age.  However, she displays an emotion maturity, for which we could have only hoped she could exhibit. 

   This is reflected in her duet with Susan Boyle, wherein her harmonies with Boyle’s mezzo-soprano act as a sublime counterpoint of musical tone and emotional perspective.  It is fast become my favorite.  She is just so young.  If this is what she is offering today, imagine what she will bring us tomorrow. 

Jackie E and Susan Boyle 
A Mother's Prayer

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