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Mama Kin

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whistle and a LightWhistle And A Light - Mama Kin

from the EP Talisman (2013)

After a long journey, the ukulele is finally becoming hip.  My earliest memories come from old movies, where stars like Don Ho, Bing Crosby, and Elvis Presley crooned to a backdrop of hula girls and swayin' palms.  As cool as that was, the ukulele remained something of a novelty instrument.  Then came Tiny Tim and Tiptoe thru the Tulips...

It took a while to bounce back, but then Israel Kamakawiwo'ole began recording incredibly beautiful music using this native instrument.  His rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is a masterpiece.  Maybe that's what turned it around for the ukulele.

In recent years, it has found crazy, commercial success with Hey, Soul Sister by Train.  It has also found a more alternative audience, with artists like Eddie Vedder releasing an entire album of Ukulele Songs.  Nice comeback for the punchy, little, four-stringed dude!

So when I first stumbled across the song Whistle And A Light by Mama Kin, I was attracted to the melody line.  I have deep respect for any songwriter who can craft such a catchy melody.  The song also has great harmonies over a bouncing beat and hooks galore. But as I listen to it again, I say "Hey, I've never heard a ukulele song like this before."  I really dig that.

So check out this Seattle songstress.  She seems to me like one of those special people who was born to make music... with a ukulele!

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