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Mechanical Knowledge

In a disaster, you may not have access to people with mechanical knowledge, so you'll have to fix things yourself. Cars, electric generators, and whatnot will be useful only if you can keep them running. These Mechanical Knowledge pages aren't necessarily for mechanics, school trained or backyard, but for those who aren't. 

Richard Speights studied auto mechanics for three years in high school. Everyone thought he wanted to be a mechanic, but that was the last thing he wanted to do in life. He gained this knowledge for himself, and it has served him well. There are many advantages in repairing your own vehicles. When far from home, for instance, you can keep your vehicle going when someone else has to abandoned his smoldering on the side of the road. 

How-To Replace Drum Brakes
How-To Replace Rear Brake Shoes and Drum - Dodge Caravan 1999, 3.3 liter
More and more cars have four-wheel disk brakes, but there are still a few drum brakes around.

How-To Article  Coming Soon

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