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Photoshop Image Repairs and Manipulation by Richard Speights

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All images worked with Photoshop 7.0.
After George Harrison died, I thought of manipulating the photo below. 
However, the result seems of deeper significance than I had first imagined. 
That's often the case in the creative processes. 

Notice the Volkswagen behind Harrison's head. Photographer Iain Macmillan had taken several shots, and I found an image that showed the Volkswagen's right rear fender intact. I copied and pasted the fender into the image below, behind Harrison's head, which I had copied, pasted, and then made transparent. It took a bit of work to balance the shade and color to match. 

Everything else you see behind Harrison and Lennon I cloned from the surrounding image. I left the Harrison and Lennon's shadows in place to balance the image. Taking out Harrison and Lennon's shadows seemed to jarring. 

I made subtle repairs to the eyes. This slight fix smoothed
the skin and gave her a more open expression. 

Major image repair, a photograph of my
grandmother originally taken around WWII. 

The original 1961 11 x 16 photograph is a hand painted black and white
of me and my mother. It required major repair and reconstruction,
especially the gaps on the neck and near the baby's face. I could have
done a better job on the repaired part of the neckline of the dress; it's too
sharp and needs a bit of blur to match that which I did not repair. 

Sometimes a photograph's enhancement is subtle. In this picture of Hemingway,
taken in Kenya in 1953, the original was a good image and well balanced however
slightly flat, so I brightened the contrast, which gave the image a more depth, being
careful not to wash out the highlights. Look at the difference in Hemingway's
face and beard. I also removed the dust spots, the bane of film photography. 

Reflective sunglasses create nightmares for photographers. The squatting
photographer in the glasses does not add anything positive to the image.  
By taking some of the flowers in the background, cloning and shaping
and them placing them in the foreground of the reflected image,
they now make the girl look as if she is surrounded by field of flowers.
I also whitened her teeth and reddened her lips. 



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