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Radio Control Gliders

Multi-Channel Radio Control GliderRadio Controlled Powered
and Unpowered Gliders

Gliders are great fun, the purest form of flight. Powered Gliders have a small gass or electric engine. You can either fly the glider with this engine or us the engine to gain altitude and then shut it off for glided flight. Unpowered gliders have no engine but are hand launched, bungee launched, or towed. 

Gliders are a good way for a novice pilot to gain experience and confidence before moving to powered radio controlled aircraft, like, for instance, a 1/8th scale Royal Marine Spitfire.. Gliders are slower and steadier than powered aircraft. Being so much more forgiving than a nimble powered flyer, pilot errors don' t necessarily send the glider spiraling into the ground. 

As the radio control pilot learns more about uplifting thermals, he is able to keep the glider aloft for longer and longer periods of time. Even people who enjoy the thrilling speed of powered flight often enjoy an occasional change of pace, a tranquil quiet day of a soaring glider. 

If you are thinking of gifting a radio controlled power flyer to someone who's never flown before, consider giving a glider. It makes a great gift. 

For most radio controlled aircraft, the radio transmitter is sold separately. Check the details to make sure of everything that's included. 
Powered Gliders
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