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Ray Ban RB3026

Ray Ban Aviator Teardrop

Ray Ban Aviator
There are two principle considerations for purchasing sunglasses: eye protection and style. Ray Ban designs sunglasses that both protective and good looking.

Our eyes see in most lighting conditions, from deep shadows to brilliant sunlight. If our eyes were designed for brilliant sunlight only, we would need no protection. Therefore, we must limit our solar exposure or filter the sun’s harmful effects.

It’s not just the brightness of light but the ultra violet rays in light, UV. As an example of the strength of UV, overexposure to sunlight reflecting off snow can cause “snow blindness”, a burning of the retina causing a temporary loss of vision. Considering the sun is never directly overhead during the winter but lower on the horizon, it shows these particular rays are far more intense than we might first assume. Not all sunglasses provide UV protection. The cheaper the sunglasses, the less likely they properly filter UV. Ray Ban’s blocks 100% of UV rays.

During World War I, pilots complained about their inability to spot enemy fighters in the sun, spawning the adage, “Beware the Hun in the sun.” In 1939, the military asked Bausch & Lomb to come up with some eyewear to allow pilots to see through the sun’s intensity. The next year, Bausch & Lomb formed Ray Ban, and gave birth to the sunglasses industry. (Bausch & Lomb has been a producer of all kinds of optical lenses since the mid 1800s. At one time, I had a Bausch and Lomb wide-angle camera lens. It was one of the sharpest lenses I ever used.)

World War II introduced this stylish eyewear to the public, and the demand for Ray Ban sunglasses exploded. Who could resist the style fighter pilots created, these knights of the air, with their heavy leather jackets and good-looking Ray Bans? Douglass Macarthur had probably had the greatest impact for Ray Ban’s early popularity. He loved the look, and wore his Ray Bans everywhere. We may have liked Ike, but we loved Douglass Macarthur.

I wear Ray Ban RB3026 L2821 Aviator Large Metal II—62mm, black frames, and dark lenses. These do not have the darkest lenses. I believe they are the next less dark lens. Driving is the best test for sunglasses. My Ray Bans handle driving into a rising or setting sun well. Ultra bright days are no problem. In addition, on bright misty days, they cut windshield glare to a minimum. At twilight, they actually help, creating contrast, making it easier to see other cars and road obstacles. I’ve had this pair for about five years. I lost them the other day, and I spent that day totally put out. Someone found them, and I couldn't have been happier if I had lost and found my wallet.

You're not fully dressed unless you're wearing .

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