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Refer A Friend DirecTV

It’s a win-win-win for you, me, and DirecTV
Save $100.00 on DirecTV

Our Account Number – 16426144
see instructions below
Dont Watch TV, DirecTV

One Hundred Dollars off bill through Refer A Friend

I have had DirecTV forever. The service is great, the personal at their call centers are great, and the signal is great. 


Is Direct TV better than Dish Network? I don’t know; we don’t have Dish Network. The choice between the two comes down to your desired packages and whatever bells and whistles each provides at the time. No matter which service you have, the other company will eventually match the equipment. Dish came out with the Hopper. Now DirecTV has the ability to play recorded shows on any receiver. They both have a variety of packages.  Pricing seems about the same, although I’ve read comments that say Dish raises its rates often, but I haven’t confirmed this. 


I’ve visted the DirecTV call center in Missoula Montana. It’s a very nice building, filled with nice Montana people. A number of these folks are ski bums. Ski bums live and die for skiing, finding work in mountainous areas to be near the slopes. They are, on the most part, fairly well educated and well spoken. The call center takes care of these folks, providing a great work area and a great break area with Internet Wifi, fireplace, and cafeteria-style lunch/snack room. Break areas are usually in some hidden room. Theirs is up front of the building, with large glass windows, through which you can see the mountains. When you call this happy bunch for help, they handle themselves and the problems very well. I like them and their demeanor over the phone. 


For any satellite television or Internet service, you must have a southern exposure. The father north you live, the more difficult this becomes, especially in mountainous regions. People living in the Bitterroot Valley, for example, live in a north/south valley, so the mountains are not in the way. In the Nine Mile Valley, people living on Ranch Lane may be in the shadow (Shadow = An area where the satellite signal cannot reach due to obstructions, like mountains, tall buildings, or trees). 


Currently, we have our HughesNet satellite dish on a pole in the yard. I’m not happy about this, but it was the only place with a clean southern exposure. It’s way too accessible for accidental contact and misalignment. Affixed on a solid surface, a satellite dish will stay true for a very long time, years even. 


Thunderstorms interrupt satellite service. This is true no matter who provides this service. Snow storms, however, seem to have little affect on signal. I’ve had snow block the signal once when it enveloped the dish. I had to climb a ladder and bushed it off the dish's bowl. So if you live in snow country, mount your dish were you can reach it. 


Many times, I have pulled the dish down off the house, tossed it and the receiver into the travel trailer, and used the system to watch television all across the country. The recording receiver (Tivo) requires much more power than the smaller single channel receivers, but they all work well on the road on battery power through an

. You can find nifty little gadgets online designed to help locate the satellite while pointing the dish. Check out what you can find on Amazon: .

After years setting up for on-the-road television, I've gotten really good at pointing the dish. Usually, I can set up the  point the dish, and be relaxing with a cup of coffee watching television before most people can disconnect their travel trailer. But it takes practice. The hand-held  is a tremendous help. Otherwise, someone has to stand by the television and watch the on-screen meters for any sign of signal as I adjust the dish.

This involves a lot of shouting.

Me outside: “HOW ABOUT NOW?”
The person outside: “Nothing!”
Me: “WHAT?”
Inside: “NOTHINGGGGG!!!!!”
Inside: “NOTHING!”
Inside: “NO, NOT YET!”
Me: “WHAT?”
Inside: “NOTHINGGGGG!!!!!


I like DirecTV.  They are a good company providing a good product serviced by good people. 

All you have to do to collect the $100.00 discount is give DirecTV our account number when ordering (New customers only – Ten dollars off you bill each month for ten months – Requires Entertainment Package or higher).  It’s as simple as that.  Here’s the kicker.  The hundred dollars savings is added to all other offers.  In addition, after you get DirecTV, you can refer up to 10 friends and save an addition $1000.00. 


1. Call 1-800-507-4045 between 8 AM and 1 AM Eastern Standard, any day of a week. 

2. Tell them you were referred and have our account number--16426144.

3. Remember the discount requires Entertainment Package or higher.

4. You will receive a $10.00 credit per month for 10 months, and I will receiver the same.

It’s a win-win-win for you, me, and DirecTV  


Order DircTV online

1. Click the link > 
DirecTV Online Refer A Friend

2. Enter our account number--16426144.

3. Order the package you desire, Entertainment Package or higher.

4. You will receive a $10.00 credit per month for 10 months, and I will receiver the same.

It’s a win-win-win for you, me, and DirecTV  


Don’t Watch TV, DirecTV


Our Account Number – 16426144



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