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Our experienced with HughesNet is not perfect. Since I am promoting HughesNet through Refer A Friend Program, I feel a full disclosure of my experience with this company in order. 

   A lie of omission is a lie. I’m afraid HughesNet was guilty of not revealing facts when selling us our service. I said specifically and repeatedly I wanted to bring my HughesNet equipment with me on the road in the same way I am able to travel with my DirecTV equipment. It was one of the reasons I wanted satellite Internet service. They did not say I could nor did they say I couldn’t—not a word. Yes, I didn’t ask specifically if I could or I couldn’t, but my intention was perfectly clear. 

   I now know it’s not really possible to travel with any satellite provider’s equipment designed for the home. FCC rules allow only certified installers to point transmitting satellite dishes into the sky. There are systems on the market designed for travel trailers that automatically find and lock onto satellite signals, but they are very expensive and well beyond our budget. Nonetheless, if HughesNet had been forthcoming with this pertinent information, I might have waited and gone with a cellular Internet service, which, in retrospect, would have served us well. Their omission cost me more than just money. The lack of Internet access on the road set me back months. 

   Did they do this on purpose? I don’t think so. I have the feeling the failure to notice was more sloppy service than devious desire. As they say, “Let the buyer beware.” 

   Ugly facts part two: HughesNet, unlike, DirecTV, uses an India based call service center. Indians are not stupid, however they seem, on the most part, unable to understand English or speak it well. This often bemuses me, since almost all Indians speak English as a second language. It appears their brand of English differs from that spoken anywhere else. In addition, their sensibilities are somewhat askew from ours, so they tend to aggravate Americans to no end. 

   The best way to handle a call to the HughesNet India based call center is to speak slowly and clearly and insist the person you speaking to does the same. Be patient. They can handle most situations as long as they understand the problem at hand. (Of course, there is the irony of a company using a call center populated with people who have difficulty with the language—it’s very much like a well-executed but poorly conceived practical joke.) 

   Beyond the call center, the majority of problems leading to customer complaints appear to stem from consumer misunderstanding of satellite Internet limitations. In other words, people often want more from satellite Internet service than it can provide. Satellite Internet service is not DSL or cable. Download and upload speeds vary due to the necessary design of the system with it’s shared access. This plus the weakness of the transmitter makes VOIP (telephone Internet) and or gaming difficult at best. Our attempt to hook up Vonage failed. I could hear the caller, but all the caller could hear from me was garbled signal. 

   People accustomed to unlimited upload/downloads and have a difficult time adjusting to a download allowance. There are six plans with HughesNet, Home 200MB per day, Pro 300MB, ProPlus 425MB, Elite500MB, ElitePlus 500MB, and ElitePremium 500MB. We have the Pro Plan. As an example of my usage allowance, a download of a YouTube video 1½ hours long would almost certainly deplete my day’s HughesNet usage, depending upon the size of the file. Every month, HughesNet provides one credit, which replenishes the entire day’s usage. This comes in handy, but only once a month. From one o’clock in the morning to five o’clock, there are no download restrictions. It is my habit to work late at night, so by one o’clock, when my usage is sometimes depleted, I can continue to work. 

   A satellite Internet customer must grow accustomed to the limitations of a daily allowance and learn to preplan online browsing. HughesNet has download managing software you can use to schedule automatic downloads during the free time at night while you sleep. This is often a difficult adjustment for people living in today’s instant access, speed of a microwave “I want it now” society. Nonetheless, as I’ve said before, satellite Internet is not DSL or cable. HughesNet has recently instituted download banking, wherein the download allowance you don’t use today will be added to the next day’s allowance. When I’m working hard and using up all my allowance, this does me little good. When I slow down a bit, it comes in handy. 

   At this point in the review, it might sound as if I’m steering people away from HughesNet. On the one hand, I am. On the other hand, I am not. 

   If you live in an area that has DSL or high-speed cable access, then you have no good reason to order HughesNet. If you live in an area with dialup service only, then HughesNet is your service. There is no question; our HughesNet beats dialup hands down. Even with the previously mentioned problems, HughesNet is better than any other available satellite Internet service. Since I plan to spend the rest of my life living in remote areas, HughesNet will probably remain my provider forever. If I were forced to move to an area with cable or DSL, I would have to let HughesNet go and purchase the other. 

   The HughesNet equipment has never given us a problem. The subcontracted service instillation agents (We’ve experienced two) have been professional, courteous, and quick. The only outage I’ve experienced was due to thunderstorms, when cumulous clouds drift between the dish and the satellite. Snow clouds and even heavy snow never affected our HughesNet service, even when an extra heavy blanket of snow chocked out the DirecTV signal. 

   Before purchasing HughesNet, read everything in their promotional literature and contract before finalizing your order. Make sure you understand the two-year agreement and it’s particulars. Even with the previously mentioned problems, I would order HughesNet again. The dependability of their equipment and its connection dependability is HughesNet’s salvation. I really do like having Internet service way out here in the woods. 

   This entire website was built through my HughesNet connection. Even with the constant uploading of revised pages, I have yet to run out of download allowance via my work on my website. 

   Both DirecTV and HughesNet have Refer A Friend programs. DirecTV allows the buyer to give my account number for their discount. HughesNet, however, requires me to send in the interested buyer’s name and email address. I literally have to refer a friend. I wish they would do it like DirecTV, but they don’t. 

   If you decide to take advantage of the HughesNet Refer A Friend Program through me, fill out the information below. I will not sell your information or use it in any company mailing list. It’ll save you $50 on your bill, and fifty dollars saved is fifty dollars earned. 


Sign up today. 


Richard Speights
Managing Member
Herr Speights Ventures, LLC
Missoula, Montana

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