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Seat Belts
A elderly Chinese man claims to have survived the resent TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop crash 
by unbuckling his seat belt. His advice is so very wrong. 

Advice article by Richard Speights

I wrote this article several years ago about an amazing device that allows a diver to talk under water, no batteries, wires, or radio signals. The thing is, it didn't sell. It's a shame. It's a great device.  
Article by Richard Speights

Is The Lunar Effect Real? 

A new look at an age-old question. The Lunar Effect just might be real after all.  

Article by Richard Speights

Malaysia Flight 370  
The mystery of Flight MH370 may never be known. The resent downing of flight MH17, an identical type 777-200ER, deepens the mystery. 

Thought by Richard Speights

Essays On Biblical Issues

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and other things. 

Essays by Richard Speights

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