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"I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere..." Johnny Cash

Whenever people meet, invariably one will ask the other, "Where are you from?" I used to name my birth city but learned that was not such a good idea. Saying I’m from Louisiana indicates I grew up in Louisiana. Although I spent a little time in that State, I grew up in and have been influenced by many, many other places that have nothing to do with the Southland. I don’t speak with a southern accent, and I don’t necessarily have a southern attitude.

Recently in Shreveport, Louisiana, I got tangled up with a guy suffering the throws of road rage. In the middle of all his yelling, he called me a “Yankee.” It almost stopped me in my tracks—we were standing no more than ten miles from the hospital in which I was born. When he finally left, I began to laugh. “Bless his confused little heart.”

Unlike the song, I haven’t quite been everywhere. But there’s time still. Now that we are all big pals, I'd like to see China, Russia, and Cuba. The two state's I've always wanted to visit, I've never been, Alaska and Maine. 



Red: Countries in which I have lived
Green: Countries in which I have spent time or traveled through
Red: States in which I have lived
Yellow: States in which I have spent time or wherein I've traveled
From Hawaii, my family spent a wonderful week in Sydney, and then flew to Darwin, where we lived for two years. Airlines in the States used to allow people into the cockpits, VIPs, pilots from other industries and whatnot. They restricted that practice a few years before our trip to Australia. The Australian airline had no such restriction, and when the captain heard dad was on board, he invited us into the cockpit. I may be the last kid in the world to have visited the cockpit in flight. 

World Traveler

Growing Up

  1. Anacortes, Washington State 
  2. Austria
  3. Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Dallas, Texas 
  5. Darwin, Australia 
  6. Fort Bragg, North Carolina 
  7. Fort Campbell, Kentucky 
  8. Fort Rucker, Alabama 
  9. Fort Sill Oklahoma 
  10. Holland
  11. Houma, Louisiana 
  12. Italy
  13. Karlsruhe, Germany 
  14. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  15. Morgan City/Gibson, Louisiana 
  16. Shreveport, Louisiana 
  17. Singapore
  18. Switzerland
  19. Vientiane, Laos

On My Own

  1. Big Island, Hawaii 
  2. California 
  3. Canada 
  4. Colorado 
  5. Florida 
  6. Fort Benning
  7. Fort Bragg (COSCOM/Camp Mackall) 
  8. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 
  9. Fort Sam Houston 
  10. Indian Ocean
  11. Korea 
  12. Louisiana State University-Shreveport
  13. Mexico 
  14. Montana 
  15. Oahu, Hawaii 
  16. Oklahoma 
  17. San Jose/ San Isidro, Costa Rica 
  18. Texas 
  19. The Australian Bush
  20. The Gulf of Mexico
  21. The Pacific Northwest
  22. The Rocky Mountains
Been to every state in the Union except Alaska and Maine

When I joined the Army in 78, I had to list all my previous addresses for my security clearance. My mother and I got out the world map and discovered we had chocked up twenty-seven addresses from birth to my 17th birthday. I went to thirteen different schools, not including college. We moved once every two years, sometimes every year. It was quite a ride, and it was often not that easy. But I couldn't imagine having lived in one place my whole life. As a photographer and a writer, that long and winding road has given me a very colorful palate from which to paint. 


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